The Selection of Investment Projects in production line by an Integrated AHP-QFD approach: A Case study

Morteza Yousefifard, Ebrahim Abbassi, Changiz Valmohammadi
2015 Research Journal of Recent Sciences   unpublished
Most of the organizations and manufacturing and industrial companies look for new technologies and new methods of marketing and sale. The determined strategic goals in these companies and organizations showed that today, based on correct planning and decision making and by innovative approach we should take a step into competitive and global markets. Today, the successful organizations are the ones that by true perception of technology and investment method, enter the competitive market. One of
more » ... tive market. One of the most important challenges of managers in industry is identification and selection of investment projects, decision making in this regard is faced with some problems. The present study to achieve a correct decision making in order to fulfill the satisfaction of the company management applied uniformed model based on AHP-QFD. In this model, at first the indices of customer needs are weighted and prioritized by AHP method. In the next step, technical needs are extracted and central matrix of house of quality is formed based on QFD model. By scaling method 1 to 5, correlation of customer needs and technical needs are scored. Then, by AHP method, pair wise comparison of the alternatives is done for each technical need. The final stage of this study framework is calculation of the extracted result of AHP-QFD to score the alternatives and rank the alternatives based on their importance.