Effect of Cross Wind Aerodynamic Force Variation on Stability of Vehicle Crossing Bridge Using a CFD Sliding Mesh Technique

A H Aman, M S Habib
2018 KnE Engineering  
As far as ground vehicle lateral stability is concerned, aerodynamics in gusty crosswind conditions is of increased significance in the vehicle development process as well as bridges design and construction. Recent investigations demonstrated that unsteady aerodynamic loads can exceed steady loads considerably that may deteriorate driving lateral stability and may lead to loss of handling control. In order to compute and evaluate the vehicle response to a crosswind gusts, it is essential to
more » ... is essential to determine the aerodynamic excitation on the vehicle body. The present work is concerned with the lateral dynamic stability of ground vehicles while crossing severe gusty crosswind conditions. In this investigation, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Bridge is considered, due to its geometrical construction properties with regard to side wind pulse generation, as an example of such gusty crosswind conditions. In severe windy days, vehicles are exposed to disturbing pulsating crosswinds while crossing the Bridge. This leads to the drivers feeling that they lost control over their vehicle. Several accidents have been reported in local newspapers relating to the accidents to vehicle loss of lateral control. This study focuses on the crosswind modelling of the bridge, to find the variation of the aerodynamic distribution pattern of various crosswind speeds and orientations, and their effect on the stability of driver-vehicle closed loop system.
doi:10.18502/keg.v3i7.3085 fatcat:f6wcpfbl3bcmfgvsvspdsdprge