Characteristic features of pregravid preparation of married couples with burdened reproductive anamnesis, taking into account the results of in-depth study of genital microbiocenosis

E. A. Sandakova, N. V. Savelyeva, Yu. V. Rakitina, T. I. Karpunina, E. О. Gosteva
2019 Perm Medical Journal  
Aim. To optimize the pregravid preparation of married couples on the basis of in-depth study of genital microflora and correction of genital microbiocenosis. Materials and methods. One hundred twenty eight married couples were examined regarding their pregravid preparation. The study included clinical investigation, colposcopy, USI of small pelvis organs, bacterioscopic investigation of vaginal isolate and urethral smear (men), bacteriological investigation of cervical mucus and ejaculate,
more » ... and ejaculate, genetic typing of strains isolated. Uterine cervix biopsy and aspiration endometrial biopsy was performed according to indications. Results.There was detected a strong positive correlation between bacteriospermia, chronic cervicitis and chronic endometritis (r > 0.6). It proves the role of bacteriospermia in development of the ascending infection of endocervix and endometrium. At the same time, opportunistic microflora in a married couple, revealed in the presence of bacteriospermia and chronic cervicitis, in 80 % of cases is identical that makes it possible to draw an analogy with sexually transmitted infections. In most cases, chronic cervicitis was shown to be a visible marker of chronic endometritis. Conclusions. A thorough study of genital mucosa microbiocenosis, implemented in a married couple with burdened reproductive anamnesis at the stage of pregravid preparation, permits to raise its efficiency.
doi:10.17816/pmj36214-20 fatcat:algbsngssfd2ve3wvcy2ongjtq