Bullet-Wound of the Stomach and Kidney

1875 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
strength is required. It is so fine as to leave no scar and to allow the sutures being introduced very near together, perfectly non-irritant, if properly prepared, is more easily tied than any other material, and, contrary to what 1 had supposed, not inclined to slip while tying the second knot. Those who have tested it find its strength is remarkable, sufficient at least for all ordinary tension. I have applied the hair stitches in almost every locality, both in the skin and in the mucous
more » ... in the mucous membrane, and I have never secured such beautiful, delicate linear scars with any other article. AVhere greater strength is needed for the general support of flaps, silk or silver-wire may be used for that purpose, and tho hair for accurate eoaptation of the edges. I seldom use more than a single hair, although it may be doubled if desired. 1 take the long hair from the tail of a young, healthy horse, and "first thoroughly rinse it in warm water. I then boil it for a halfhour in soda-water (about an ounce of bicarbonate of soda to two quarts of water). I remove and rinse it in clean warm water, and it is ready for use. This process renders it perfectly innocuous and gives it the right, degree of pliability. One pleasant feature about it is that it does not snarl or kink. Twisted in a rope or double coil, a single strand is easily drawn by seizing the middle. Most of my friends, to whom I have spoken of and shown its application, have expressed surprise if not doubt at first, but have been, without exception, delighted with it upon trial. In my next case of vesico-vaginal fistula I intend using it, either tying it or confining with perforated shot. This will be a severe tost, and I am not over-sanguine as to the result. I may add that it would be better to havo needles smaller than any now made for carrying the single hair, so that it may more accurately fill the hole. Yours sincerely,
doi:10.1056/nejm187508050930610 fatcat:ehtomtkemvf3jlxiud7nxjqy3u