Controlled Release of TBH Herbicide Encapsulated on Ca-ALG Microparticles: Leaching and Phytointoxication Plants

2019 Planta Daninha  
ABSTRACT: The aim of this work was to demonstrate a detailed study of the controlled release of the herbicide Tebuthiuron (TBH) encapsulated in microparticles of calcium alginate (Ca-ALG), to evaluate the phytotoxicity in different concentrations of herbicide (4, 6 and 8 g L-1), and their correlation with the depth of leaching using bioindicator plants. The Ca-ALG microparticles were prepared from the crosslinking of sodium alginate by Ca++ containing varied amounts of TBH supplied in calcium
more » ... pplied in calcium chloride (CaCl2) aqueous solution. The results showed that TBH herbicide, when encapsulated, leached to shallow depths relative to the conventional, non-encapsulated herbicide (which moved to a depth of 40-50 cm). The concentration of 4 g L-1 was the one that leached most in the PVC columns, but its mobility did not exceed 30 cm of depth. The results of the dry mass corroborated with the phytotoxicity results of the bioindicator plants, evidencing the mobility of the conventional herbicide in the soil at depths around 40 and 50 cm, while the herbicide encapsulated in the Ca-ALG microparticles did not show leaching beyond 20 -30 cm deep. The encapsulation of TBH in Ca-ALG microparticles can thus be considered as a more eco-friendly technology, reducing the leaching process and consequently soil contamination.
doi:10.1590/s0100-83582019370100067 fatcat:dr34rftxg5cdjmcyinxeeqttja