Prey-Predator Model with Two-Stage Infection in Prey: Concerning Pest Control

Swapan Kumar Nandi, Prasanta Kumar Mondal, Soovoojeet Jana, Palash Haldar, T. K. Kar
2015 Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics  
A prey-predator model system is developed; specifically the disease is considered into the prey population. Here the prey population is taken as pest and the predators consume the selected pest. Moreover, we assume that the prey species is infected with a viral disease forming into susceptible and two-stage infected classes, and the early stage of infected prey is more vulnerable to predation by the predator. Also, it is assumed that the later stage of infected pests is not eaten by the
more » ... aten by the predator. Different equilibria of the system are investigated and their stability analysis and Hopf bifurcation of the system around the interior equilibriums are discussed. A modified model has been constructed by considering some alternative source of food for the predator population and the dynamical behavior of the modified model has been investigated. We have demonstrated the analytical results by numerical analysis by taking some simulated set of parameter values.
doi:10.1155/2015/948728 fatcat:3huvl3re75e4ncbupzm2v5qofe