Оксана Олександрівна Білецька
2019 Міжнародні відносини теоретико-практичні аспекти  
The upcoming globalization exacerbates the existing problems of multicultural societies, provoking the emergence of new conflict situations. In addition, fear of Americanization (Westernization), globalization most often associated with, as well as fears of losing their cultural identity comes to the forefront. In these conditions, it becomes necessary to rethink the role and importance of multiculturalism, ideally designed to ensure the conflict-free multicultural societies. The article
more » ... The article presents an analysis of the multiculturalism phenomenon as a phenomenon of the modern society development in the context of globalization; multiculturalism is studied as a theoretical source of multicultural globalization. The purpose of the study is to identify the content of multiculturalism and the features of its models in the modern world. Methodology of the study is complex and is determined by the specificity of the subject of research, its purpose and objectives, as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the problem under study that is polar in analyzing the scientific issues of multiculturalism; the formation of an alternative culture; the creation of post-traditional paradigms of political and cultural philosophy. The study highlights key issues of the multiculturalism discussions that affect the formation of multicultural globalization.
doi:10.31866/2616-745x.4.2019.177647 fatcat:cbaq7cweynftfgxj3ijzglos3e