Costos económicos en la producción de servicios de salud: del costo de los insumos al costo de manejo de caso

1997 Salud Pública de México  
Objective. To generate information on costs of health services. Material and methods. Using Kessner's criteria the tracer conditions selected were: hypertension, diabetes, diarrhea and pneumoni a. Case-management defi ni ti ons were established and then, -using the case-management costing method-the production functions, inputs and unit costs necessary to meet the demand for medical care per condition. Data were processed in a spreadsheet software package to esti mate i n-pati ent and out-pati
more » ... i ent and out-pati ent case-management costs. Results. Findings from this study show that using i npati ent and out-pati ent case-management costi ng i t i s possible to identify the relative weight of the different production functions and inputs. Using the relative frequencies, both production functions and inputs were classified in high, medi um and l ow i mpact on the total case-management cost. Conclusions. This information suggests that planning, organization and resource allocation should be guided by inpatient and out-patient service demands for each tracer conditions. In addition we suggests direct actions to estimulate the obtention of economic earnings from resources utilization in the most efficient way.
doi:10.1590/s0036-36341997000200005 fatcat:2g64umkbrbcbtal7qedugevunq