1891 Science  
States National Museum ; and ( 'The Expenditures of Foreign Governments in Behalf of History," b y Professor J. F . J a n~eson, Brown University. Election of officers for the ensuing year, and report of committees, followed the reading of these papers. The following were the officers elected : president, t h e Hon. William W i r t Henry of Richmoad, Va. : vicepresident. James B. Angel, president University of Michigan ; second vice-president, H e n r y Adams of the District of Columbia;
more » ... f Columbia; secretary, Herbert B. Adams, professor of history, J o h n s Hopkins Unicersity; assistant secretary and curator, A. G. Clark; treasurer, C. W. Bowen of New York. The comnlittee on time and place of meetir~g reported Washington as the proper place for the next meeting, and d u r i n g the l~olidays as the proper time. The annuill meeting of the association was in every way a success. There was a large attendance, the papers were interesting, and the discussions that were evoked, spirited and ineructire.
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