Conservation of Garcinia imberti Bourd. through seeds

M Anto, M Angala, P S Jothish, C Anilkumar
2019 Plant Science Today  
Garcinia imberti seeds were collected during 2015-2017 from Shangili, Cheenikkala and Bonaccord evergreen forests of Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve, the only abode of this endangered endemic species. Germinability of seeds were analysed through decoating, Gibberellic acid (GA3) and light inductive pre-treatments on fresh (62.8 % moisture content; MC) and desiccated (fast; 23.3% MC and slow; 30.5 % MC) seeds. The seed germination with impermeable coat (0.7-1.2 mm) was restricted which on
more » ... ed which on decoating got enhanced. Application of GA3 along with exposure to light breaked dormancy within 4-6 days compared to non-treated seeds that took 238-254 days to germinate. Stored seeds behaviour revealed that seed moisture content and rate of germination were negatively correlated. Seed storage was found to be more efficient only up to 80 days at controlled seed banking conditions (20 ± 20C, 20 % relative humidity; RH). Both fast and slow desiccated seeds stored for 60 days in seed bank conditions exhibited 50.4 and 43.4 % of germination compared 39.4% germination of non-desiccated seeds. Hence fast desiccated and decoated G. imberti seeds pre-treated with GA3 on subsequent exposure to light alleviated dormancy. For seed banking, fast desiccated seeds with MC in between 40-20% are found to be promising.
doi:10.14719/pst.2019.6.2.518 fatcat:rrr6ji7tafgq7bgf3sgthkc74y