814 Numerical and mathematical analyses of a FSI flutter of flexible filaments
814 糸の流体構造連成フラッタ現象の数値解析及び理論解析(OS8-2.工学・医療工学における移動境界問題(2),OS・一般セッション講演)

Tomohiro SAWADA
2012 The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference  
This paper presents a fluid ・ structure interaction ( FSI ) modeling and numerical simulations of coupled flutter of flexible filaments in a flow . Experimentally − observed " stretched ・ straight state ' 「 and ' 卩 flapping state " of a single filament are numerically and mathematically analyzed to find analogies in FSI dynamics with experimentally ・ qbserved I' in ・ phase " and " out ・ of − phase ' I napping modes of 鰰 o parallel filaments , Our numerical results show that the coupled flapping
more » ... of parallel filarnents is modeled as a single filament with different mass .
doi:10.1299/jsmecmd.2012.25.21 fatcat:7pocbzlxbffcpjtl6fmr3bfzjm