The status of the wetlands in the Greater Accra Region

Maria Kondra, Governance And Sustainability Lab
The main socio-ecological pressures in five wetlands in the Greater Accra Region were first identified and then summarized by reviewing the relevant literature. As a second step, fieldwork in the region was carried out in 2016 to further examine the pressures identified in the literature. Most research on the wetlands in Ghana was published around the year 2000. Yet, similar socio-ecological pressures persist today. Based on both, fieldwork observations and the literature review, these
more » ... iew, these pressures were ranked using the IUCN pressures system analysis framework. It is suggested that further research needs to proceed with uncovering how trade-offs between ecosystem and quality of life can be defined.
doi:10.25353/ubtr-xxxx-ef05-4176/ fatcat:uig75dehyzc2nc73wzttfsaknq