Average energy dissipated by mega-electron-volt hydrogen and helium ions per electron-hole pair generation in 4H-SiC

Alessandro Lo Giudice, Franco Fizzotti, Claudio Manfredotti, Ettore Vittone, Filippo Nava
2005 Applied Physics Letters  
The pulse height response for He and H ions with energies between 1 and 6 MeV incident upon n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial Schottky diodes has been investigated. The average amount of energy, , given up by the incident radiation to form electron-hole pair in this material was obtained by comparison with the average energy loss per pair in silicon detectors and it was found to be ͑7.78± 0.05͒ eV at room temperature. This value is smaller than that foreseen by Klein's semiempirical linear relationship
more » ... near relationship between and the semiconductor band gap.
doi:10.1063/1.2135507 fatcat:d3f7xgov3zdf7casbpjca2zdiu