On the Finno-Ugric substratum in the hydronymy of the Tambov region

E. M. Deviatkina
2020 Vestnik of Samara University History pedagogics philology  
The article discusses hydronymic topoformants on the territory of the Tambov region, related to the Finno-Ugric substrate. Their most common series are highlighted. For some toponyms, new etymologies are proposed. It is determined that appellatives presented as toponyms make it possible to determine the semantic content of hydronyms. The semantic motivation of the toponyms of hydronyms with Finno-Ugric etymologies on the territory of the Tambov region is due to the names of geographical
more » ... the names of flora and fauna, reflection of the size, shape, nature and direction of the flow of the object. As expected, the inclusion of Mordovian topoformants in the foundations of Russian and other substratum origin, the inclusion of Mordovian toponyms in toponymic phrases according to Russian derivational models is noted
doi:10.18287/2542-0445-2020-26-4-123-127 fatcat:vxfzvkgc4ndhhg4n2ttofps3ai