Applying The Adaptive Control Of Thought-Rational Theory Into The Design Of Mobile Worked Examples Applications

Ilker Yengin, Ibrahim Furkan Ince
2014 Zenodo  
Using a direct problem solving method creates confusion and cognitive load for the novice learners. To address the issue, we applied basics of "Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational Theory (ACT-R) and designed a mobile learning application that uses worked examples using simulation. As an alternative method, this mobile application supports teaching production rules and procedural knowledge in a step-by-step manner. This paper discusses the basics implementations of ACT-R Theory into the design
more » ... ry into the design of mobile application that uses worked examples as the main delivery method. The paper would be interesting for educational technology practitioners that would like to have examples of the practical applications of ACT-R Theory into mobile learning application design.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.836349 fatcat:ud4gmhgthvcpnnepwhsbtluhtq