Influence of moisture on conservation of cultural properties from an architectural environmental engineering viewpoint

Shuichi Hokoi
Japanese Journal of Biometeorology / Nihon Seikisho Gakkai Zasshi  
The influence of water on the deterioration and conservation of the remains of ancient residential buildings or building columns in archeological sites were discussed from an architectural environmental engineering perspective. The remains of the exhibition hall in the ancient city of Heijokyu, Nara, Japan, was used as an example to explain the current status, causes, modeling, and prediction of deterioration; and the proposal and evaluation of countermeasures. Soil erosion, salt weathering,
more » ... deterioration, and brown emulsion stain are typical deterioration of the exhibition halls. The main cause of deterioration was water inflow from the surrounding soil. Conservation measures were evaluated using a simulation model.
doi:10.11227/seikisho.55.3 fatcat:emld3xzys5henc53ghw374pprm