Who gets fully-paid maternity leave? population-based survey of postpartum women, oregon, 2010

Jena L. Fellenzer, Kenneth D. Rosenberg, Danielle J. Lindemann, Linda Houser, Alfredo P. Sandoval, Kathryn L. Broderick
2018 Frontiers in Women's Health  
Objective: Previous scholarship has demonstrated that maternity leave is associated with good overall physical and mental health of the mother and child. However, taking time off to recover from a birth and bond with a new child challenges families' economic security when such leave is not fully-paid. We examine a populationbased sample of Oregon women to identify factors associated with access to fully-paid leave versus partially-paid leave, unpaid leave, and no leave. Methods: We used a state
more » ... ds: We used a state population-based survey of postpartum women who had a 2008 live birth to explore differences in access to fully-paid maternity leave. The Oregon Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) asks a stratified random sample of Oregon women about their experiences before, during, and after pregnancy; Oregon PRAMS-2 is a follow-back survey conducted when the child reaches 2 years of age. We used weighted multivariate regression to explore the association between annual household income and self-reported fully-paid maternity leave. Results: Among women who had been working during the last three months of pregnancy, 16.1% reported having been offered fully-paid, 16.3% partially-paid and 49.8% unpaid maternity leave; 17.7% were offered no maternity leave. In multivariate analysis, high-income women (>300% Federal Poverty Level) were more likely to have been offered fully-paid maternity leave than low-income women (ORa 3.57, 95% confidence interval 1.24-10.3). Conclusions: Few women receive fully-paid maternity leave. Policies ensuring fully-paid maternity leave will be particularly beneficial to lower-income women. A national paid leave policy would improve postpartum life for women and infants.
doi:10.15761/iod.1000142 fatcat:zraz4xzsnzgf7eodnzku6raf5i