Mišljenje pčelara o važnosti manifestacija meda i zaštiti zemljopisnog porijekla meda, primjer Istre (Hrvatska)

2013 Journal of Central European Agriculture  
Events dedicated to agricultural products are becoming increasingly attractive to visitors and / or tourists and an important part of destination promotion. "Honey Days" in Pazin is the annual regional exhibition of honey that was most recently in February 2013, held for the eighth time. The purpose of the study was to determine participants' (beekeeper's) opinions on this exhibition in order to plan future exhibitions that will meet the demands of participants and to become a better tourist
more » ... a better tourist product of the destination, Istria. The survey was conducted during the exhibition in February 2012 by pupils of Gymnasium and Vocational School Juraj Dobrila in Pazin. A total of 34 beekeepers, all participants of the exhibition, were included in the survey. The survey contained a total of 31 open and close-ended questions. Questions were related to socio-demographic characteristics, beekeeping methods, and motives of participation. The dates about the protection of geographical origin of honey obtained by this primary research were compared with research conducted in 2011 and 2012 with the attendees of the school of beekeeping held in Pazin in May 2011 (when 40 questionnaires were collected) and in May 2012 (when 29 questionnaires were collected). The conclusion is that participants generally consider participation in this or similar exhibitions very important. The majority of respondents expressed that building relationships with other producers and promotion were the most important motives for making decisions about participation in this event. Protecting the geographical origin of honey, according to participants in the study, is very important for beekeepers. It could be concluded that the exhibition "Honey Days" in Pazin plays an important role in the promotion of honey and other bee products and beekeeping in general, but also that this event can be developed into an attractive and interesting product for rural tourism.
doi:10.5513/jcea01/14.4.1378 fatcat:fdzifszxnbb2pemgeyulswmr6e