Two-Dimensional Simulation of Frost Formation on the NACA0012 Airfoil under Strong Convection by Using the P-VOF Method [post]

Bin Xia, Xianghua Xu, Xingang Liang
2021 unpublished
A newly developed frosting simulation method, pseudo-VOF (p-VOF) method, has applied to simulate the dynamic frost formation on the NACA0012 airfoil under strong convection. The p-VOF method is a pseudo volume of fraction simulation method of the multiphase flow with phase change. By solving a simplified mass conservation equation explicitly instead of the original volume fraction equations in CFD software, the efficiency and robustness of calculation are greatly improved. This progress makes
more » ... possible to predict a long-time frost formation. The p-VOF method was successfully applied to the simulation of dynamic frosting on the two-dimensional NACA0012 airfoil under strong convection conditions with constant frost physical properties. The simulation result shows that the average thickness of the frost layer increases, and the frost bulges and flow separation appear earlier, when the airfoil surface temperature decreases or the air humidity increases. The frost bulges and flow separation appear earlier, when the air velocity is faster, the growth rate of the frost layer at the early stage is greater, but the final frost layer is thinner.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:gtlxdirncbhwbly7g3fb2utdba