Template-based and HMM-based Approaches for Isolated Spanish Digit Recognition

L. D. Terissi, J.C. Gomez
2006 Inteligencia Artificial  
Isolated word recognition is usually performed by two different approaches, viz., Conventional Templatebased and Hidden Markov Models (HMM)-based. A comparison between these approaches for isolated digit recognition (in Spanish language) is performed in this paper. For the template-based approach, several Dynamic Time Warping algorithms are proposed and implemented in a Matlab environment, while for the HMM-based approach, the algorithms available in a freeware toolbox has been employed. The
more » ... orithms are tested on a database collected during a Course on Digital Processing of Speech Signals at the University of Rosario. The test results show that a better performance can be obtained with a HMM-based digit recognizer.
doi:10.4114/ia.v9i26.847 fatcat:w4ogpdjhang3dp35pcgtbbrk6e