New findings on protected and strictly protected species confirm the value of the prime hoverfly area network

Marina Jankovic, Marija Milicic, Dimitrije Radisic, Dubravka Milic, Ante Vujic
2018 Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke  
With environmental pressures on the rise, the establishment of protected areas is a key strategy for preserving biodiversity. The fact that many species are losing their battle against extinction despite being within protected areas raises the question of their effectiveness. The aim of this study was to evaluate established Priority Hoverfly Areas (PHAs) and areas that are not yet but could potentially be included in the PHA network, using data from new field surveys. Additionally, species
more » ... onally, species distribution models have been created for two new species recognized as important and added to the list of key hoverfly species. Maps of potential distribution of these species were superimposed on maps of protected areas and PHAs to quantify percentages of overlap. The results of this study are not statistically significant, which could be influenced by a small sample size. However, the results of species distribution models and the extent of overlap with PHAs confirm the utility of these expert-generated designations.
doi:10.2298/zmspn1835063j fatcat:6blcb4kcwjeevjcpg6pojzanyq