Properties of thin metallic films for microwave susceptors

J. Česnek, J. Dobiáš, J. Houšová, J. Sedláček
2011 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
Thin Al films of varying thickness, i.e. 3 to 30 nm, were deposited onto polyethylene-terephthalate film by evaporation in the vacuum of 3 &times; 10<sup>&ndash;3</sup> Pa. The dependence of DC (direct current) surface resistance on thickness was measured using a four-point method. The surface resistance exhibits the size effect in accordance with the Fuchs-Sondheimer theory. The microwave absorption properties of the prepared films of various metallization thickness were measured in a
more » ... sured in a microwave field at the microwave power of 1.8 mW. The maximum microwave absorption at 2.45 GHz was found to occur in a layer of optical density of about 0.22. &nbsp;
doi:10.17221/3475-cjfs fatcat:sehgvqi3jfdnjai4ta34gflpgi