Review of "Coalitions Across Borders: Transnational Protest and the Neoliberal Order," by Joe Bandy and Jackie Smith, eds

Angela T. Mertig
2005 Journal of World-Systems Research  
In the manufacture of consent for its policies and practices abroad, the power elite of the American Empire-the dominant corporate, military, and political sectors-depends heavily on the arts of propaganda and public diplomacy. To be sure, the fi st of force always lies in reserve for the recalcitrant, a fact to which recent history in Afghanistan and Iraq attests. Nonetheless, shaping public attitudes towards the means and ends of US foreign policy has proven an effi cient standard practice
more » ... tandard practice for the expansion of global domination. Over the past fi fty years probably as many boots have stepped onto foreign soil via diplomatic designs as through armed means. Inventing Public Diplomacy, by Wilson P. Dizard Jr., is a friendly examination of a key com- Journal of World-Systems Research  Book Reviews  world community-not a one-world market-where diverse cultures are united in eff orts to combat poverty, oppression, pollution, and collective violence. In contrast to the USIA's boardroom-style globalization, many of these citizen activists favor more freedom of movement for people and greater regulation on the movement of capital."³ Clearly, then, the initial design and guiding vision of the USIA was to serve as a propaganda instrument for the imperial project to spread capitalism across the planet, illustrating Marx and Engels' famous axiom that the executive of the capitalist state is but an organ for pursuing the common interests of the capitalist class.
doi:10.5195/jwsr.2005.398 fatcat:7avn4364qbfothu7wxz6vydplu