Complete mitochondrial DNA and phylogenetic study of qionglai native black chicken

Yaodong Hu, Yun Zhu, Huizhong Pang, Dan Lan, C.J. Park, H. Morita, H.H. Huang, M.R. Khan, C.K. Cheng, R.L. de Leon
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the qionglai black chicken was measured by PCR-based methods the molecular characterization and phyletic evolution analyzed in detail. Our result showed that the entire mitochondrial genome of the qionglai black chicken is a circular molecule consisting of 16,785 bp (GenBank accession number: KT958484). The contents of A, T, C, and G were 30.25%, 23.74%, 32.54% and 13.48% in the mitochondrial genome, respectively. The complete mitochondrial genome
more » ... the qionglai black chicken contains a typical structure, including 13 protein-coding genes, 2 rRNA genes, 22 tRNA genes and 1 control region (D-loop region). The phyletic evolution analysis shown that this chicken was evolution between the red jungle fowl and the special egg chicken white loghorn chicken.This complete mitochondrial genome sequence provides essential information in understanding phylogenetic relationships among Gallus gallus domesticus mitochondrial genomes and the breeding of native chick I , matecconf/2016 MATEC Web of Conferences 62 620 CCFE 2016 3004
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166203004 fatcat:b4cmwc7uhvbkvhbjvj634tujxy