Decomposition Characteristics and Kinetics of Microalgae in N2 and CO2 Atmospheres by a Thermogravimetry

Xu Qing, Ma Xiaoqian, Yu Zhaosheng, Cai Zilin, Ling Changming
2017 Journal of Combustion  
The thermal degradation characteristics of microalgae were investigated in highly purified N2 and CO2 atmospheres by a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) under different heating rates (10, 20, and 40°C/min). The results indicated that the total residual mass in CO2 atmosphere (16.86%) was less than in N2 atmosphere (23.12%); in addition, the kinetics of microalgae in N2 and CO2 atmospheres could be described by the pseudo bicomponent separated state model (PBSM) and pseudo-multi-component overall
more » ... i-component overall model (PMOM), respectively. The kinetic parameters calculated by Coats-Redfern method showed that, in CO2 atmosphere, the apparent activation energy (E) of microalgae was between 9.863 and 309.381 kJ mol−1 and the reaction order (n) was varied from 1.1 to 7. The kinetic parameters (E,n) of the second stage in CO2 atmosphere were quite similar to those in N2 atmosphere.
doi:10.1155/2017/6160234 fatcat:elrdlultp5gjrktvp4bdbmkgzy