Effect of repeated passaging and cell density on proliferation and differentiation potential of cord blood unrestricted somatic stem cells

Zeinab Demerdash, Hanan El-Baz, Kesmat Maher, Salwa Hassan, Faten Salah, Marwa Hassan, Mohamed Elzallat, Mohammed El-Shafei, Tamer Taha
2015 European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine  
Calcium pumps and channels modulate cell proliferation and apoptosis by regulating intracellular calcium (Ca2 þ). The plasma membrane Ca2þ ATPase isoform, PMCA2, is a calcium efflux mechanism that extrudes Ca2 þ from the cytosol into the extracellular space. PMCA2 has
doi:10.1016/j.nhtm.2014.11.043 fatcat:2kdzai7q5va6xpzm27qct5t3w4