Generation mean analysis for grain yield and its components in popcorn

Shah Fahad, Shah Fahad, Muhammad Noor, Durri Shahwar, Mukhtar Alam, Hidayat Ullah, Muhammad Adnan, Yousaf Jamal, Fazli Wahid, Hidayat ur Rahman, Muhammad Yasir, Farhan Ali
2018 Open Agriculture  
Knowledge about genetic composition of a character helps plant breeders to plan their breeding programs. Grain yield and related traits are very important in maize breeding programs. In our experiment four each of parents, F1s, F2s, BC1s and BC2s were evaluated at Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI), Pirsabak, Nowshehra and Agriculture University Peshawar. The experimental material at both locations were replicated thrice in randomized complete block design. In all crosses dominance gene
more » ... dominance gene action was found to be important in the inheritance of ear diameter, ear length, percent shelling and grain yield. Additive genetic effects were found negative and non-significant in all four crosses for percent shelling. Duplicate type of non-allelic interactions was observed for shelling percentage in all crosses. Duplicate type of epistasis was observed in cross, PS-1 × BD-1 and PS-2 × BD-1 for ear length. For grain yield both complementary and duplicate type of epistasis were observed. Additive genetic effects werefound significant with positive and negative magnitude in two crosses each. It is concluded that crosses, where dominant gene action was found predominant, should be effectively utilized in hybrid maize programs for improved grain yield and related traits.
doi:10.1515/opag-2018-0050 fatcat:xkffhobarbcghdtlkrkt6vp76a