Study on the Isothermal Crystallization Behaviors of PEN/TLCP Blends

Jong-Ryul Park, Doo-Soo Yoon, Eung-Jae Lee, Moon-Soo Bang, Jae-Kon Choi
2016 Elastomers and Composites  
The isothermal crystallization behaviors of blends of poly(ethylene naphthalate) (PEN) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer (TLCP) were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) as functions of crystallization temperature and blend composition. Avrami analyses were applied to obtain information on the crystal growth geometry and the factors controlling the rate of crystallization. The crystallization kinetics of the PEN/TLCP blends followed the Avrami equation up to a
more » ... quation up to a high degree of crystallization, regardless of crystallization temperature. The calculated Avrami exponents for PEN/TLCP revealed three-dimensional growth of the crystalline region in each blend. The crystallization rate of each blend increased as the crystallization temperature decreased, and decreased as the TLCP content increased. The crystallization of PEN in the blend was affected by the addition of TLCP, which acts as a nucleating agent.
doi:10.7473/ec.2016.51.1.56 fatcat:thrhzmpk35chrjplipa6zwet3i