LINC01614 Promotes Osteosarcoma Progression as ceRNA to Target SNX3 by Sponging hsa-miR-520a-3p [post]

Qixuan Cai, Xin Zhao, Yanbing Wang, Shuai Li, Jincheng Wang, Fan Li
2020 unpublished
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been reported as significant biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis in osteosarcoma (OS), the most malignant bone tumor usually observed in children and adolescents. In the present study, we detected differentially expressed lncRNAs in three OS and paired adjacent tissues through RNA-seq technology. By comprehensively analyzing the expression profile and bioinformatics, we determined the relationship between noncoding RNA and OS-related functions, signal
more » ... y, regulatory network, patient survival information and selected LINC01614 as the study object. Through related in vitro experiments, we confirmed that LINC01614 knockdown could inhibit the proliferation, invasion, and metastasis of OS cells. Furthermore, we used the luciferase reporter assay and qRT-PCR to confirm the regulatory relationship between LINC01614/hsa-miR-520a-3p/SNX3. We performed relevant in vitro experiments to prove that LINC01614 promotes the proliferation, invasion, and metastasis of OS cells through the LINC01614/hsa-miR-520a-3p/SNX3 axis. In conclusion, we identified that lncRNAs participate in various malignant behaviors in OS. We also proved that LINC01614 could function as competing endogenous RNAs and promote the proliferation, invasion, and metastasis of OS cells, and thus acts as a novel prognostic marker for OS in clinic.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:2uwfyv7kwncvtlc5bbqjxwethi