Wisława Szymborska – o antropocentryzmie bez przesady

Stanisław Balbus
2017 Wielogłos  
Wisława Szymborska -On Anthropocentrism with Moderation Wisława Szymborska often referred to the idea of anthropocentrism with an ironic distance and scepticism, seeing it as an expression of human pride and humanistic usurpation. The author discusses this theme of Szymborska's writing on the example of two poems: Rozmowa z kamieniem (Conversation with a Stone) and Widok z ziarnkiem piasku (A View with a Grain of Sand). He points at philosophic trains of thought contained in them, polemical
more » ... rds the tradition of Western metaphysics and epistemology, focusing also on the question of the linguistic inaccessibility of the essence of the non-human world. Słowa kluczowe: Wisława Szymborska, antropocentryzm, inność, epifania
doi:10.4467/2084395xwi.16.017.6401 fatcat:bi2cp2t6j5dltpu4agmtgpileu