John Snow
1855 The Lancet  
The eye having been exposed by means of a self-acting wire speculum, a fine needle, with a stop to it, so as to prevent its passing too far, is introduced in the usual way, and is passed into the centre of the capsule; another needle is then introduced from the opposite point, and entered into the capsule as nearly as possible at the same spot as the other; the points of the two needles are then made to separate from each other, and the capsule is thus effectually torn through. Cases now and
more » ... n occur, requiring certain modifications of this plan. Thus, the capsule is sometimes so tough, and at the same time so floating, that the point of the needle introduced through the cornea will not penetrate it. When this is the case, the second needle must be introduced through the sclerotic, and pushed through the capsule from behind.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)39368-1 fatcat:m7n5tqy3rbelnokmzv5nr4vg64