Use of Chloroiodide of Zinc in Plant Histology

Ernst Artschwager
1921 Botanical Gazette  
Chloroiodide of zinc has fallen more or less into disuse in the botanical laboratory, perhaps because of its apparent vicissitudes. Since it is unequaled in usefulness in histological work, however, it is advantageous to workers who still believe in the practicability of the old-fashioned hand-section razor to obtain a working knowledge of this reagent. By the use of the "one solution" mixture (Behrens: 259 ZnCl2, 8g KI, I .g I, 8cc water) negative results are often obtained, but when properly
more » ... but when properly prepared and kept from deterioration, the solution may be used for a number of years. To insure uniform results, the two solution mixture, first suggested by NOVOPOKROW\SKY, is recommended. Solution A, iodine potassium iodide I: i: ioo; solution B, zinc chloride
doi:10.1086/332852 fatcat:6qkerktlbzcildzqsaflvzpcf4