Debarghya Halder .
2016 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
The livelihood of the living species is impossible without water. Human beings need water in their day to day life. Water forms one of the vast usable natural resource.3/4 th of the earth's area is occupied by water resources. But Out of these only 3% of the water is available fresh while rest 97% is in saline form. So as a whole there is scarcity of freshwater on this earth. And focusing upon the fact we can infer that there is a need of water for livelihood purposes. For this there are two
more » ... is there are two ways of availing fresh water, one is by getting a fresh water resource while the other is purifying the water available and then using it. The former process has its limitation as because of natural scarcity while the later forms an important factor to work upon. Since ancient era efforts were there to avail pure drinking water Man has used every possible means to store the water for necessary purposes since ancient times but the population growth is uncontrollable. Due to this in today's modern world more effective processes are to be applied for survival of mankind. We know there is a scarcity of non-renewable energy. This review mainly focuses upon the processes of purification of water by means of renewable energy resources. This processes were used earlier and would be used in future also for the purpose of purifying water. The main objectives in this paper highlights are the renewable energy harvesting and treatment of wastewater. It summarizes the available techniques of treating water in large scales and small scale purposes, which may be cost effective according to community standards and the amendments which the technique has undergone proving more effective for purification of water. Some of the processes of purification which it focuses upon are desalination of water using reverse osmosis, water made to undergo photo-catalysis, electro-dialysis of water and UV filtration. These technologies are successfully used to completely remove component thus proving their effectiveness. With application of renewable energy they undergo performance analysis. Using Photovoltaic systems(PV),conversion of wind energy to electrical energy for powering up the water purification treatment process.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2016.0513014 fatcat:4ku2vxhcefdv7hnbmigb7tsuna