Calcified Retrosternal Struma

W Wagner
1894 Annals of Surgery  
Konigshiitte). During the past two years Wagner has had the opportunity of extirpating calcified retrosternal strumas in three cases, which presented very pronounced symptoms, and which were completely cured by the operation. The first case was that of a thirty-two-year-old woman, who had had five children, the last six months before. Until that time she had been well, but during the pregnancy she developed cough, hoarseness, and frequent loss of breath. These troubles were laid before many
more » ... aid before many physicians, and regarded as complications of pregnancy. After a normal labor the trouble still continued and grew worse. Continuous coughing, caus¬ ing sleepless nights, expectoration, anorexia ; continuous loss of flesh and strength led her to the conclusion that she had consumption.
doi:10.1097/00000658-189407000-00091 fatcat:x5ceyekl5fhjvhaie3gtuutqlu