Effects of Bitter Cola (Garcinia Kola) On Haemostatic and Biochemical Indiced Male Diabetic Albino Wistar Rats

Ofor C.C
2013 IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  
The effects of Bitter cola (Garcinia cola) on haemostatic and biochemical indices of induced male diabetic albino wistar rats were investigated 21 male albino rats (200-230g) were placed into three groups namely Group A (control) Group B ( induced diabetic rats on bitter cola extract) and Group C (induced diabetic rats on dianil reference tablets). At the end of the 28 days feeding on the extracts, blood samples were withdrawn from the animals for investigation. The results from the haemoglobin
more » ... concentration and packed cell volume indicates a reduction in control rats compared with test rats; Hb Group A 13.8g/dl, group B 10.8g/dl, group C 13.5g/dl, PCV group A 41%, group B 31% group C 41%. The white blood cell count and platelet count were not significantly reduced. WBC for group A 4,800mm 3 , group B 3280 ± 86mm 3 and group C 5,120 ± 666mm 3 . Platelet count group A 216 ± 40×10 9 /l, group B 160±70x10 9 /l, and group C 210± 57x10 9 /l. On the haemostatic indices there is no effect. The prothrombin time for group A 13.0±2.1 sec, group B 12.8±0.5 sec and group C 13.58±0.3 sec. The bleeding time and clotting were not also affected in the study. On biochemical analysis, the rats fed with Garcinia kola demonstrated a lowering in the Fasting blood sugar with value in control rats (group A) 75±2.6, group B (on extracts) 56.3±3.8mg/dl and group C 69.8±0.8mg/dl (p<0.05), On Random blood sugar (RBS), the value obtained in Control rats (group A) 95. 6±4.6mg/dl, group B 68.3±0.2mg/dl and group C (on dianil tabs) 72.3±0.4mg/dl (p<0.05). There is a reduction on urine output in the animals on bitter cola extract (group B) compared to the Control rats (group A) p<0.05. The values were obtained as 5.16±0.2ml in Control rats, 2.16±0.29ml in group B rats, 1.96±0.11ml in group C respectively. It can be deduced from this investigation that Garcinia cola contains some active principles interfering with insulin metabolism causing reduction in glucose level.
doi:10.9790/0853-1135357 fatcat:xsslyt2v4vb3fcg47bwru4tkq4