Analysis on On-line Q&A Cases regarding Landscape Trees Management - Focused on Online Consultation Board at Tree Diagnostic Center -
조경수 관리에 관한 온라인 질의응답 사례 분석 - 수목진단센터 온라인 상담 사례를 대상으로 -

Byoung-Eul Lim, Sae-Hee Lee
2013 Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture  
The persons in charge of management request diagnosis and prescription to tree hospitals in order to get consultation about the problems like blight that occur in landscape tree management. This study aims to analyze what the main problems and questions raised by landscape gardeners are and those concerned in landscape tree management. This is done by investigating landscape tree-related questions and answers uploaded on the online consultation boards of the plant diagnostic centers approved in
more » ... centers approved in Korea including the Seoul National University Plant Clinic, the Chungbuk National University Plant Hospital, and the Kangwon Diagnostic Center. As a result, those concerned in landscape occupied the most as 81.4% among the questioners. However, only 11.5% did explain the plant management history or surrounding environment, which is essential for landscape tree diagnosis when asking questions. This shows that those concerned in landscape lack basic knowledge or interest about plant diagnosis. Among 263 questions about landscape trees, questions about physiological damage included 94 cases that were the most taking up 35.8%. Moreover, the next were damage by insects and damage by disease in order. It is thought that due to the characteristics of physiological problems that occur by various sorts of stress and with no signs, they tend to request diagnosis or prescription the most. The most frequent reasons for physiological damage are water stress and temperature stress. About damage by disease, there exist many types of diseases, and there are many complex damages accompanied by physiological causes. About damage by insects, the most common include damage by moths. In consideration of this result, universities or technician training centers should provide education for landscape tree management so that landscape technicians and students can acquire essential knowledge and information about landscape tree management and increase their interest in it. In particular, it is necessary to provide profound learning opportunities for plant physiology, and the technicians should make efforts themselves. In addition, it is needed to build organizations to which they can ask technical questions about landscape planting and management in order to understand landscape industry 조경수 관리에 관한 온라인 질의응답 사례 분석 Journal of the Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture 155 한국조경학회지 제 41권 1호(2013년 2월) 45 in general and the actual status of landscape planting technique and the actual field. Moreover, to elevate systemicity and expertise in the area of landscape tree management not yet equipped with the foundation, it is needed to cultivate the technicians intensively and conduct research by those concerned both in academic and industrial circles.
doi:10.9715/kila.2013.41.1.044 fatcat:u32mbs5xdzaylanbaitrxht2si