Braided affine geometry andq-analogs of wave operators

Dimitri Gurevich, Pavel Saponov
2009 Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical  
The main goal of this review is to compare different approaches to constructing geometry associated with a Hecke type braiding (in particular, with that related to the quantum group U_q(sl(n))). We make an emphasis on affine braided geometry related to the so-called Reflection Equation Algebra (REA). All objects of such type geometry are defined in the spirit of affine algebraic geometry via polynomial relations on generators. We begin with comparing the Poisson counterparts of "quantum
more » ... of "quantum varieties" and describe different approaches to their quantization. Also, we exhibit two approaches to introducing q-analogs of vector bundles and defining the Chern-Connes index for them on quantum spheres. In accordance with the Serre-Swan approach, the q-vector bundles are treated as finitely generated projective modules over the corresponding quantum algebras. Besides, we describe the basic properties of the REA used in this construction and compare different ways of defining q-analogs of partial derivatives and differentials on the REA and algebras close to them. In particular, we present a way of introducing a q-differential calculus via Koszul type complexes. The lements of the q-calculus are applied to defining q-analogs of some relativistic wave operators.
doi:10.1088/1751-8113/42/31/313001 fatcat:ogaim2ptsfbbzhjerqbmr3jssi