Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified by Molybdenum to Detection Hydrochlorothiazide [post]

Ahmad Khalaf Alkhawaldeh, Rawia Alkhawaldeh
2020 unpublished
Molybdenum oxides is well-known electro-catalysts in fuel cells systems, they are usually used as anodic materials for the oxidation of low molecular weight alcohols. The utilization of Mo as catalysts in the pharmaceutical analysis is not common yet. In this study, bare glassy carbon electrodes were modified by the oxides by means of electrochemical deposition and the modified electrodes were used as catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of hydrochlorothiazide (HCT). Well-resolved anodic
more » ... ell-resolved anodic peaks were reported for the analyzed pharmaceuticals when the Mo/GCE was utilized for the analysis of HCT. Analytical performance of the modified electrodes was evaluated based on the following statistical parameters; linearity ranges, correlation coefficients, limits of detection and quantitation, and recovery values. The prepared electrodes were used for the determination of the active ingredients in their pharmaceutical formulations and the reported activity was correlated to influence of the utilized pH on both structures of the used electrodes and the detected analytes.
doi:10.20944/preprints202006.0177.v1 fatcat:tjirzqhhunedzbs66wzqr673sm