A Fractional Derivative-Based Lateral Preview Driver Model for Autonomous Automobile Path Tracking

Peng Wang, Qingyun Wang, Maosong Wan, Ning Chen
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The concept of focus point preview is proposed, and fractional calculus is introduced to driver model to build focus point preview driver model. A formula for calculating lateral error is given, where the weight coefficients of fractional calculus are designed to imitate the driver's focus preview property. The relationship between the speed and the order of fractional calculus is studied. A driver-vehicle-road simulation system is set up to illustrate the performances of the proposed preview
more » ... del. The S-type road is used to test the model in the case of continuous small curvature turns and the Shanghai F1 track model is used as the case that automobile passing large curvature curve. The performances are evaluated from two aspects: path tracking effect and vehicle dynamic responses. It is concluded that, as the speed of the vehicle increases, the optimal order of fractional integral increases, so that the order is seen as the degree of driver's attention. What is more, in the case of large curvature, the path tracking performance is improved by increasing the corresponding fractional order. Simulations results also show that, compared with the single-point preview model, the performances of the focus point preview model are better. On the one hand, the proposed driver model can be used to control the vehicle steering and path tracking. On the other hand, fractional calculus is used to reveal the driver preview property and the order is given a certain physical meaning, which is conducive to the development of fractional calculus applications.
doi:10.1155/2018/7320413 fatcat:3qrqrvfdtzecrgfff6ge5uzyuu