Proposed Definitions for Glacier Mass Budget Terms

Mark F. Meier
1962 Journal of Glaciology  
A set of internally consistent mass budget terms is proposed for consideration. Vertically measured, water-equivalent components of accumulation, ablation, and net budget are defined for points on a glacier (specific quantities) or as area-integrated totals for the whole glacier (total quantities). The budget year is defined as the time between two minima of net budget. Additional terms involving specific and total rates of accumulation, ablation, net budget, and various subdivisions of the
more » ... ivisions of the glacier area are developed. Mass budget quantities can be separated into steady-state and budget imbalance terms. Net budgets can be calculated by simplified means when the variation of budget with altitude is known. It is suggested that the term "firn" be applied to layers which have survived one summer's ablation season.
doi:10.3189/s0022143000027544 fatcat:scnjsrjpkzan3fnhuedv3udxua