2017 International Journal of Applied and Pure Science and Agriculture  
Dairy cows are considered to be prone to oxidative stress during the period from late pregnancy to onset of lactation, i.e. during the transition period. In this study status of oxidative of 16 crossbred dairy cows was evaluated, from 8 weeks before calving till 8 weeks after calving, at fortnightly intervals using two indices in the serum: Malondialdehyde (MDA, nmoles/ml) and Total Antioxidant Status (TAS presented as TEAC). The mean values of MDA and TAS did not reveal significant difference
more » ... ificant difference between different time periods. But, the mean MDA values were higher during transition period (9.07±1.72) when compared to outside transition period (5.59±0.55) with a p value of 0.06. TAS remained fairly constant during the period. Though the indicators of oxidative stress did not show significant variation, the oxidative status could not be considered optimum as eleven out of sixteen animals studied suffered from ketosis, hypocalcaemia or mastitis during the study period.
doi:10.22623/ijapsa.2017.3079.wmym3 fatcat:7xrmnreghramrh6kablue4bqh4