A Case of Poisoning by Bromide of Cadmium

1876 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
As this is the first case, so far as I am aware, of poisoning by the use of the bromide of cadmium, I am induced to make it public. The history of the case is as follows. A patient of mine, Mrs. N., residing in this town, has been in the habit of taking, by my direction, occasional doses of bromide of ammonium. On Friday, September 8th, feeling some premonitory symptoms of neuralgia, and having none of her usual medicine by her, she sent to the druggist in this town for one ounce of the bromide
more » ... unce of the bromide of ammonium. The druggist sent her an ounce bottle labeled bromure d'ammonium. It resembled, as seen in the bottle, the veritable salt which it purported to be. Upon receiving it she took out upon the handle of a teaspoon the same quantity, as nearly as she could judge, that I had been in the habit of giving her, poured it into a tumbler two thirds full of water, gave her mother, Mrs. R., half of it, on account of a headache, and swallowed the rest herself. She at once perceived the difference in the taste of it, and without waiting to perceive any further effects sent her servant to me with the bottle, with a request that I should tell her what it was and whether she should take any more. Upon looking at the bottle and reading the label I supposed that it was all correct, and that she had sent to me as a matter of caution on her part. To make sure of it, however, I wet my finger and took out of the bottle what would adhere to it and put my finger in my mouth. I noticed at once the extremely pungent taste, and felt sure that it was a corrosive poison of some kind. I immediately made my preparations to go to the patient's house and see in what condition she might be. Before I left my own premises, however, I was met by a messenger who told me that Mrs. N. and her mother were very ill, and thought they were poisoned. On arriving at the house I found both ladies vomiting severely, and complaining of extreme pain and a burning sensation in the stomach. Mrs. 1 Thaxtcr and Brother, 291 Washington Street, and J. II. Ailman, 14 Bromficld Street, are prepared to fill motrical orders, and to furnish suitable prescription blanks.
doi:10.1056/nejm187610120951503 fatcat:ziurziz5nzhj3chcmbblheaahe