Photolytic and Chemical Oxidation Reactions of the Insecticide Ethofenprox

Rong TSAO, Morifusa ETO
1990 Journal of pesticide science  
The non-ester pyrethroidal insecticide ethofenprox (MTI-500) [2-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-2methylpropyl 3-phenoxybenzyl ether] was more photostable than ester pyrethroids such as allethrin when irradiated under a UV lamp. Under laboratory conditions, it was oxidized at the benzyl carbon atom of the ether when irradiated with UV light in the presence of oxygen, to form an ester, 2-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-2-methylpropyl 3-phenoxybenzoate, as the major photoproduct. The ester product had no insecticidal toxicity
more » ... ecticidal toxicity on the housefly. Some other photoproducts were also characterized as 4'-ethoxyacetophenone, 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde, 3-phenoxybenzoic acid, 2-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-2-methyl-l-propanol, 2-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-2-propanol and 2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-methylpropyl 3-phenoxybenzyl ether both in aqueous suspension and on the surface of glass. Chemical oxidation of this insecticide with the Jones reagent gave similar products. Photolysis in aqueous suspension abated greatly in rate under a nitrogen atmosphere and different photoproducts were produced under oxygen. Some photosensitizers affected the photolysis rate of this insecticide.
doi:10.1584/jpestics.15.405 fatcat:f5crkydo2nafnjbhccivag4jdi