Grek Harfli Türkçe Metinler Üzerine Yapılmış Dil Bilgisi Çalışmalarıyla İlgili Açıklamalı Kaynakça D

2014 Turkish Studies  
Bu makale Crosscheck sistemi tarafından taranmış ve bu sistem sonuçlarına göre orijinal bir makale olduğu tespit edilmiştir. ABSTRACT In the process of scientific studies bibliography screening is important. Scientific value, consider the historical consistency of work in a manner that is hidden in the depths of the bibliography prepared. Bibliography of studies revealed that the depth that contains data and the results accurate and comprehensive approach to the topics discussed will be
more » ... sed will be diagnosed with the opportunity to evaluate. Starting from the adoption of Islam by the Turks been written about a thousand years of Turkish language written in Arabic letters the preferred system, in many ways, including in particular phonemics failure is generally recognized. Located in the center of this work of Greek Turkish texts of letters, Arabic letters which might play an active role in solving some of the problems they are quite valuable for Turkey Turkish history. Despite this, studies related to this field in our country are very inadequate. Greek-letter Turkish research began with foreign researchers, and recently not escaped domestic researchers' notice. However, the known number of works the way to go considering the fact that there are quite a few arises. Although grammatical studies conducted on Greek-letter Turkish texts may seem insufficient number has begun to be dealt in a collective manner. Such an assessment both will open horizons for new researches and will provide important conveniences to field specialist with labor and time saving. Each passing day increases the attraction of the Greek-letters Turkish text field researchers to be bent, hand annotated bibliography of what has been mentioned in the essay on which publication you will have an idea.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.6602 fatcat:zrgp3lyxmfhgdh7rbjx4pv4ntm