Experimental Study of Thermal Effect of Lacquer Coating for PV-Trombe Wall System Combined with Phase Change Material in Summer

Chenglong Luo, Wu Zou, Dan Sun, Lijie Xu, Jie Ji, Mengyin Liao
2019 International Journal of Photoenergy  
This paper proposes a novel PV-Trombe wall system combined with phase-change material, which is named as PV-PCM-Trombe system. The work mainly experimentally studies the effectiveness and characteristics of using phase change materials to improve the overheating problem of PV-Trombe wall in summer. Through experiments, the photoelectric performance of the system using phase-change board surfaces with and without a matte black paint lacquer are compared; moreover, the influence on thermal
more » ... e on thermal environment of building is evaluated. The results indicate the PV-PCM-Trombe wall system shows an effective cooling effect on PV cell in both experiments and that the surface lacquer coating treatment of PCM plates affects little the photoelectric performance of the system and can reduce the working temperature of PV cell.
doi:10.1155/2019/7918782 fatcat:jwpzt5esgrfzbfgcpab25a2ntm