Buddhism in Christian State: Competition in Buryat Spiritual Space in Late-Imperial Russia

Darima D. Amogolonova
2017 Journal of Siberian Federal University  
The paper discusses the problems of correlation between religious and state-national identity on the example of Buryats in late-imperial Russia. Being the only state religion, Russian Orthodoxy suspected other religions and followers in lack of patriotism and loyalty. On their side, Buddhist clergy diligently proved their devotion to the Tsars and Russian state. The Buryat ethnocultural revival in the end of 19 th -beginning of 20 th century promoted politicization of Buddhism since the Buryat
more » ... m since the Buryat leaders considered religion as an instrument for consolidation. Nevertheless, neither Buryat leaders (and Buddhist priests among them) nor ordinary believers made plans on separation from Russia. Quite the contrary, the ideas about the right to self-determination and governing improvements focused on further existence of Buryats in the Empire and preservation of their cultural heritage including religious traditions.
doi:10.17516/1997-1370-0184 fatcat:6phqbpc2yjhg7i7chcgqzussc4