Efficacy of the program "Testas's (mis)adventures" to promote the deep approach to learning
Eficacia del programa "(Des)venturas de Testas" para la promoción de un enfoque profundo de estudio

Pedro Rosário, Julio Antonio González-Pienda, Rebeca Cerezo, Ricardo Pinto, Pedro Ferreira, Lourenço Abilio, Olimpia Paiva
2010 Psicothema  
This paper provides information about the efficacy of a tutorial training program intended to enhance elementary fifth graders' study processes and foster their deep approaches to learning. The program "Testas's (mis)adventures" consists of a set of books in which Testas, a typical student, reveals and reflects upon his life experiences during school years. These life stories are nothing but an opportunity to present and train a wide range of learning strategies and self-regulatory processes,
more » ... latory processes, designed to insure students' deeper preparation for present and future learning challenges. The program has been developed along a school year, in a one hour weekly tutorial sessions. The training program had a semi-experimental design, included an experimental group (n=50) and a control one (n=50), and used pre- and posttest measures (learning strategies' declarative knowledge, learning approaches and academic achievement). Data suggest that the students enrolled in the training program, comparing with students in the control group, showed a significant improvement in their declarative knowledge of learning strategies and in their deep approach to learning, consequently lowering their use of a surface approach. In spite of this, in what concerns to academic achievement, no statistically significant differences have been found.
pmid:21044520 fatcat:cefvhqd6yjcpxotocpcls7fsoy