Synthesis and luminescence properties of the red phosphor CaZrO3:Eu3+ for white light-emitting diode application

Junli Huang, Liya Zhou, Yuwei Lan, Fuzhong Gong, Qunliang Li, Jianhua Sun
2011 Open Physics  
AbstractEu3+-doped CaZrO3 phosphor with perovskite-type structure was synthesized by the high temperature solid-state method. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, fluorescence spectrophotometer and UV-vis spectrophotometer, respectively. XRD analysis showed that the formation of CaZrO3 was at the calcinations temperature of 1400°C. The average diameter of CaZrO3 with 4 mol% doped-Eu3+ was 2µm. The PL spectra demonstrated that CaZrO3:Eu3+ phosphor
more » ... O3:Eu3+ phosphor could be excited effectively in the near ultraviolet light region (397 nm) and emitted strong red-emission lines at 616 nm corresponding to the forced electric dipole 5 D 0 → 7 F 2 transitions of Eu3+. Meanwhile, the light-emitting diode was fabricated with the Ca0.96ZrO3:Eu0.043+ phosphor, which can efficiently absorb ∼ 400 nm irradiation and emit red light. Therefore Ca0.96ZrO3:Eu0.043+ may have applications for a near ultraviolet InGaN chip-based white light-emitting diode.
doi:10.2478/s11534-010-0132-7 fatcat:svl7stqae5dofjmtao7na7x6my