Can persistent hiccups be a progression marker in COVID-19?

Handan ALAY, Nazım DOĞAN, Zülal ÖZKURT, Nuray BİLGE, Fatma KESMEZ CAN, Ömer ARAZ
2021 Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine  
Hiccup is a reflex action that may rarely be intractable. A 55-year-old man diagnosed with COVID-19 was hospitalized to our clinic with body temperature elevation, weakness, and headache persisting for the previous three days. Persistent hiccups were present during follow-up, and progression was observed at pulmonary tomography with an increase in the numbers and dimensions of focal ground glass areas. Lymphocyte count was 920/µL, platelet count 138×103/µL, sedimentation rate 6 mm/h, ferritin
more » ... 6 mm/h, ferritin 1256 ng/mL, C-reactive protein 16.8 mg/L, aspartate aminotransferase 43 U/L, alanine aminotransferase 67 U/L, and lactate dehydrogenase 326 U/L. Other potential causes of persistent hiccups were excluded. COVID-19 immune plasma and remdesivir therapy were initiated. The hiccups resolved two days after treatment, and the patient was discharged on the 11th day of follow-up. Persistent hiccups should be remembered among the symptoms that may appear during the clinical progression of COVID-19.
doi:10.32322/jhsm.867371 fatcat:zowjhkxllzedrhiyvider23wgq