Singularities of variations of mixed Hodge structure

Aroldo Kaplan, Gregory Pearlstein
2003 Asian Journal of Mathematics  
We give a condition for a variation of mixed Hodge structure on a curve to be admissible at a singular point -hence to have a logarithmic singularity there -and describe the monodromy, all in terms of a special variable grading of the weight filtration. The result exactly supplements the information about the graded variation implied by Schmid's Orbit Theorems. The grading is relevant for the irregular case as well. . The authors wish to thank P. Deligne, whose ideas play an important role
more » ... important role here, as well as the referee for valuable suggestions about the exposition.
doi:10.4310/ajm.2003.v7.n3.a3 fatcat:lhnfcgqzvvhurlfusu3eebgpj4